Poker Legislation finally makes its way to Capitol Hill

May 8, 2009 by Dan Brown in USA Poker News

Wednesday was the day that the PPA and every poker player in the United States has been waiting for. Poker legislation in favor of online poker playing was finally introduced by Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)on Wednesday May 6th and for the first time, the poker playing public finally feels as though they have a shot of beating the system.

In a show of support, Peter King and Shelly Berkley co-sponsored the bill show a unique solidarity of both Republican and Democratic parties. Funny, they can agree on a poker bill, yet they fight it out over things like the stimulus package. But I digress, this is about legislation to finally handcuff the UIGEA and put a plan into place to stop the suspected fraud that has been reported on some sites and allow the American public to finally be able to trust an internet outlet for poker playing. The legislation also contains stipulations to address the underage gambling that is an obvious concern with the amount of 18 year old poker geniuses that are popping up on the European Circuit.

Another interesting thing that is going on here is that while most brick and mortar casinos are fighting the legality of online gaming for fear of what it will do to their bottom line, Harrah’s Entertainment, one of the largest casino operating businesses in the world, has decided to support the bill in an effort to expand their market. In fact, it has been reported that they have poured almost $500,000 into the lobbying efforts of this bill.

It is finally being recognized by both the casino business and politicians that online gambling can become an avenue that will help out the recession instead of contributing to it. The amount of income the government will make on tax alone would be astronomical. In fact, if it was legalized, it would actually create more jobs as companies like Harrah’s would probably end up running online casinos and poker rooms. There is no doubt that Americans would flock to a site that was regulated by the US Government. Paying taxes on your yearly winnings would be small price to pay to ensure that you were playing on a safe and secure site. Lots more to come on this issue, stay tuned…


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