Minnesota politician to halt the ban on internet gaming sites

May 6, 2009 by Dan Brown in USA Poker News

On the eve of Barney Franks introduction of legislation to allow and regulate online gambling, another Minnesota politician has stepped to the forefront and is trying to halt the legislation that was introduced earlier to ban 200 internet gaming sites from being able to transmit in the Minnesota area.

Representative Pat Garofalo had expressed his concerns about such a bill going through and who is actually behind it. His claim that “the casino industry trying to use the heavy hand of government to discourage online gaming” hits home and brings a new light to the issue for the everyday man.

It has been noted several times that besides the bill being ridiculous, it was not even thought out very well. The bulk of the poker sites that it would restrict do not even allow US Players. Furthermore, poker sites that are very well known in the United States, such as Poker Stars and Absolute/Ultimate Bet, would still be allowed to operate as usual.

The PPA is excited about this latest development as they have garnered the support of yet another political big wig to aid in their cause. They continue to point out that gaming needs to be regulated, not banned from happening. The income that can be generated would go a long way to help an economy that is struggling in the United States.

You can arguably say that Garofalo is staking his political career on this move, but that has not swayed him as he has said, “I don’t care. It’s the right thing to do, and I’m willing to live with it.” Imagine that, a politician that is actually listening to what the voting public wants and also willing to deal with the aftermath of his actions! What is becoming of the political world that we once new?


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