Rummy Royal’s Ultimate Rummy Challenge is back in August 2009

August 5, 2009 by Dan Brown in Rummy Royal

Rummy Royal’s Ultimate Rummy Challenge is back in August 2009!!!

In the month of August Rummy Royal is giving away over $2000 to the best Rummy players in the world! The top 3 players can win prizes as much as $1000, $500 and $250.

In addition to that Rummy Royal has extended this offer further and al of the players who are taking part in URC would be invited in a $500 tourament for free.

Any player sho playes at least one URC game during the time of competition would be eligible to register.

Join RummyRoyal on September 1st, at 19:30 GMT and play for $500 cash prize!


1st place: $1000

2nd place: $500

3rd place: $250


Where to find Challenege table? Well that is very easy, it is located in the game lobby under the “real money” tab in the “single tourney” section and named as challenge tables

Player Ranking

The ranking in URC is decided according to the number of wins. The following simple formula describes the ranking

Ranking = Number of wins – number of loses

Only those players which get positive ranking would appear on the scoreboard, players with negative ranking would not appear on the scroeboard. The scorer board is updated regularly with the ranking.


Suppose you played 21 games, out of them you won 18 and lost 3, your ranking would be 15 (18-3=15).

If you played 20 games, and out of them you lost 19 then your ranking would go in negative (1-19 = -18) so you will not appear in the ranking.


Rummy Royal’s website offers up to date scoreboard which can be seen on

So what are you waiting for CLICK HERE to download Rummy Royal and participate in the URC to qualify for the $500 Cash Prize


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