PokerStars continues to dominate live poker events

May 11, 2009 by Dan Brown in PokerStars

PokerStars is already a prominent name in live poker as they are already involved with the EPT, but they have just made another huge move in live tournaments by also teaming up with the WPT as the official television sponsor for season 7 during international tournaments.

With Full Tilt already having the rights to the shows that broadcast in the United States, adding this tournament to their stable seems like a logical move. With a firm grip on the EPT, LAPT and APPT, PokerStars is now the premier sponsor of televised poker. Not that they needed any help, but this will have their logo and name in the house of every poker player on the planet.

More importantly for the site, it will also allow them to promote the success of their ever growing stable of poker player talent. While Full Tilt and the other major sites have seemed to back off a little bit in big name pro sponsorship, PokerStars continues to snag up just about every big name that becomes available. You have to imagine that every site on the planet was making a stab for Kid Poker. When he ended up signing with PokerStars, it had to be considered the biggest coup of the year in online poker.

The added exposure of course will mean more signups and more revenue for the giant of online poker. With legislation in place to lift the ban and get online poker legalized, this is going to be money well spent for PokerStars. The other sites stand back and wonder why they are so far behind, but this is a perfect example of why PokerStars is downloaded on everyone’s computer.

The company forces you to notice them and their players and associates themselves with anything and everything poker that they can. This sponsorship will more than likely mean a lot more satellites to all of their featured tournaments and the micro players will be coming out of the woodwork to make a $50 deposit and take their shot at poker glory. The other sites better get in gear before any law changes take effect or the only thing they are going to see will be a pair of PokerStars boots kicking up dust.


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