Will Tom “durrrr” Dwan empty his bank account to Patrik Antonius?

May 7, 2009 by Dan Brown in Poker

The age of the super poker child is here and Dwan is a perfect example. He flashed onto the scene about 4 years ago. He is a very good representation of the typical internet players that are taking the poker world by storm. He recently issued a heads up challenge that had other pros lining up for a shot at his bankroll.

While there are plenty of pros that have open challenges available to anyone in online poker, pro or amateur, that wants to put up an amount and play until the money is gone, nobody has been willing to throw out 3:1 odds for $500,000 buy in until now. When Dwan first made the challenge, he could pick and choose from a list of candidates and unfortunately for him, he chose Antonius.

His choice is perfectly understandable. Antonius is fairly new to the scene and has nowhere near the reputation of some of the other people that wanted in, such as Phil Ivey. However, Antonius has an unorthodox game and an uncanny ability to read people. Dwan found this out the hard way.

As of May 4th, they had played about one quarter of the agreed upon 50,000 hands and Antonius is already up almost a half a million dollars. While it is unlikely he can continue to win at that pace, he still stands to make a couple of million off of Dwan. Remember, Dwan has to put up $1.5 million to Patrik’s $500,000 if he loses!

Can the momentum change? Absolutely, but Antonius is a very strong player and I don’t see him giving up this edge without a huge battle. Dwan is going to have to catch him with a monster hand and you can be assured that Antonius will think twice about throwing that kind of money into the pot without being absolutely sure about the outcome.

You can watch the match anytime they are playing on Full Tilt. Watching the head up action is amazing and it will be thrilling to see how this plays out. You can only hope that Dwan’s bravado does not remove him from the poker spotlight that he currently enjoys.


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