How will the CraigsList Killer affect the legalization of online gambling?

April 24, 2009 by Dan Brown in Poker

The disturbing news that a young student was killing girls by contacting them through CraigsList was quite disturbing. To think that someone would do this is almost unimaginable. Then the bombshell dropped that shook the movement for legalizing online gaming, specifically poker. He was robbing and killing these girls to pay off gambling debts.

By no means is this meant to belittle the suffering of these girls and their families. It is just to bring to light the difficulties that now face the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) in their quest to get support behind their movement of legalizing gambling in the United States on the Internet.

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The PPA has reportedly earmarked about $3,000,000 for lobbying efforts to gain support for their bill. Now you have to honestly ask yourself what politician would associate themselves with such a bill that will surely be twisted into condoning this type of behavior. The argument will be made that if this young man was not able to gamble, these murders may have never have happened.

Issues like this will continue to plague the movement to legalize poker and gambling online. The odd thing is that things like this happen that are related to alcohol and TV violence, yet neither of those is ever even thought about being distinguished. It is a shame that these horrible murders will be turned into some other than what they are, the horrible acts of an individual who lacks self control.


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