Play online poker to beat recession

April 26, 2009 by Dan Brown in Online Poker

Okay, the concept may initially seem a little crazy, but playing online poker will allow you to continue to get your poker fix in and also fight back against the economy that we are currently facing. Be as skeptical as you want, but you are soon going to find out that the trip the casino can cost you close to if not more than $100 every time you go. Oh, now I have your attention, don’t I?

It all starts the moment you get into your car. For arguments sake, let’s assume that you live about 60 miles from the closest casino. Depending upon the type of car that you have, you are probably going to burn anywhere from 8-12 gallons of gasoline up and back. With a price of about $2/gallon, you just dropped about $20. Current Trip Cost or CTC as we like to call it (-$20).

That trip on the open road is not for free either. Depending where you live, you are going to be facing some tolls as well. You may even have to pay for parking. Give a generous estimate and figure that you cover both of those costs for about $12 total. CTC (-$32).

I can see you squirming in your chair right now as you are starting to see how your little daily jaunt to the local casino is starting to hit a little harder than you thought. But guess what, it’s not over! You know that cute little waitress that you look at and like to be a little extra generous to? Get her social security number because she is killing you! Figure you play a 10 hour session and order a drink about every 45 minutes from her. You probably throw her at least a buck every time she drops off a drink. If you are trying to get her number you throw her a bit more than that! For arguments sake, we will pretend you are a cheapskate and only count the low end of the scale. Regardless, you have just dropped another $15. She isn’t so cute anymore is she? CTC (-$47).

Now let’s take a look at the dealer that is dealing you bad beat after bad beat. Even though he is putting the screws to you, you still have to tip him out when he deals you a winning hand. It kills you to throw that dollar chip his way, but you don’t want the rest of the table looking at you either. On average, a live dealer will throw out about 30 hands an hour. You can reasonably figure on winning at least one hand per turn. That is a minimum of $3 per hour for 10 hours, another $30 down the drain. CTC (-$77).

We won’t count rake, because you would be paying that as well on the internet. However, if you are playing that long, you are going to have to get something to eat. Most poker rooms don’t exactly throw the comps around for poker players, so you are going to have to go to the cafeteria or restaurant. Prices aren’t exactly user friendly in these joints so figure at least $20 for a sandwich and soda. CTC (-$97).

That is almost $100 that you are down before you ever walk into the casino to play a hand. The average person would consider $100 win a great day. However, you get home and for some reason you have the same amount of money that you left with. Or worse, you lose $100 and have $200 less than you left the house with. Talk about taking a kick to the groin!

Now let’s take a quick look at the alternative. You stay home and play from the convenience of your own home on the net. If you don’t like your table, you get up and go to a new one. Keep switching tables in a live game and watch the floor managers reaction. You have no dealer to tip and you are also getting more hands in! Let’s not forget that you can multi-table and offset the natural variance. Everything that you need to eat and drink is already in your fridge and figured into your monthly family budget. That makes it FREE!

Are you ready for the other shoe to drop? One simple word, rakeback. This is the percentage of the money that you contribute to the rake that is returned to you at the end of the month. Now if you break even at the tables with 8 trips to the casino, you are down $800. If you break even at the tables in online poker, you may be getting back $800 in rakeback at the end of the month!

How much more proof do you need that online poker is the answer to your poker recession blues? When your wife tells you that you can’t afford to play, show her this and tell you can’t afford not to play! When everyone asks you your political views on the current economy, you finally have the answer, ONLINE POKER.


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