High Stakes Poker shows several 6 figure hands

May 19, 2009 by Dan Brown in High Stake Poker

You knew the action was going to heat up once Minieri joined Dwan at the tables and the last couple of episodes gave us all the excitement we could handle. While both of them took a small beating two weeks ago, they both managed to get a little of that back this week. The table fell right into both of their games as bluffing was the theme of the night.

The action got started on the very first hand as Peat threw out a $5,100 raise with QJo. They ended up with a 4 way hand and when the board missed everyone, Peat continued to fire and throw another $20,500 at the pot on the turn. Everyone folded except for Laak and when the river came up empty, Peat kept the pressure on and threw another $50,000 into the mix. Laak was sitting on the best hand with A10c and had all but talked himself into a call when he put his money back down and let Peat take down a $100,500 hand.

The next hand was more of the same as Meltzer fired over top of Baxter, who had hit top pair with a weak kicker, for $58,000 and Baxter had to let his hand go. This was almost $200,000 in two hands that was taken down with nothing. You knew the fireworks were going to fly if anyone managed to catch a hand at any point.

Two hands later, Elezra let go of a hand against Minieri that was a great fold. He was sitting on top pair, but picked something up on Minieri that made him fold the hand. Not sure if it was what he saw, but Minieri has a noticeable smirk when he has a stacked hand versus making a play. The same smirk would show up a few hands later.

The first monster of the night went down with another bluff attempt by Peat. He made a horrible pre-flop call of $8,000 with J9d as Brunson was sitting on AA. Brunson led out with a $20,000 on his flopped set and Peat came right over the top on his flush and inside straight draw for a total of $125,000. Brunson made the call and his hand stood up to a double run. $366,000 added to his stack.

The money would not stay there very long though as in the very next hand Brunson would flop bottom pair and a flush draw against Minieri’s top two pair. Minieri got all of his money in and hit a boat on both hands as they ran it twice. The double up was worth $205,500 and got him back to about even on the session.

The night ended with another huge hand that had Baxter, who had been steaming at this point, and Dwan butting heads. Dwan re-raised Baxter with Q9h and Baxter came right back over the top for $31,700 with AKh. Dwan popped the top pair on the flop, but both players checked it down until the river card. Dwan fired $34,300 for value on the river and Baxter looked him up and made another donation on the night. The $134,000 pot managed to get Dwan back most of his money for the session, but the early luck that he was showing reversed for most of the last two sessions.

Both Dwan and Minieri get a lot of action on their pots because it is a rare case that they are not firing pre-flop regardless of their hands when they decide to get involved in a pot. While they have been getting looked up with nothing, the payoffs have been huge when they manage to hit a hand. It will be interesting to see if they manage to get hot during the end of the season or they both go back into the tank.


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