Annie Duke Gets Fired

May 13, 2009 by Dan Brown in Celebrity Apprentice

Annie Duke has been a formidable competitor on Celebrity Apprentice all season long and the duel between her and Joan Rivers has been the talk on many a poker forum and table. As the showdown got closer, the mudslinging got a little more serious. While Annie Duke should have been the winner in many people’s eyes, she fell short in the only ones that mattered, Donald Trump’s.

Make no mistake about it, there was no bond created between these two women during the course of the show as Joan Rivers made it quite clear what she thinks about the poker community as a whole. Referring to them at times as “degenerate gamblers” and calling their donations “Mafia money” were but a few of the shots that she took during the competition.

There are those that are arguing that the bulk of the money that was donated came from her close and personal friends, but Rivers had the same opportunity to get her friends to donate just as generously. In the end, Duke received just over $465,000 in contributions while Rivers only received about $150,000. The outcome seemed to be a no-brainer, but Trump had other categories that he was judging the competitors on as well.

According to Trump, Duke fell short in integrating the chosen brand into the charity, Kodak, and the experiences of both the guests and celebrities. She may not throw a great party, but she sure as hell knows who to invite!

It was actually kind of amusing as the show wound down to hear Trump ask questions based on Rivers perception of the people that supported her cause. He in fact used the term “degenerate gamblers” himself. It is amazing in the fact that he would use that specific term when it was the gambling industry that kept food on his table for all of those years.

In the end, the whiney Joan Rivers got the nod and Duke got fired. She has already posted her rebuttal to Trump’s decision and while she pretends to accept it, you can almost sense the bitterness that has been created between her and Joan Rivers. It will be interesting to see if Rivers lets it go or uses her media outlets to continue to trash Duke and the poker community. Duke has the ability to get a little nasty and Rivers better be sure that she is not biting off more than she can chew.


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