Hellmuth Falls Short at Canadian Open Main Event

May 20, 2009 by Dan Brown in Canadian Open Poker Championship

Unlike most tournaments, the Canadian Open Main Event is a Heads-up tournament. It is one of the most anticipated events of the season leading up to the World Series and often gets some of the biggest names in poker to enlist for one last shot of glory before the WSOP. This year was no different, but once again an unknown ends up taking down a major championship.

Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that Phil Hellmuth is one of the best NL Hold’em tournament players in the world. It is hard to argue the 11 WSOP bracelets that are dangling off of his wrist. He always seems to make the perfect move, but will often get beat when someone does not respect a raise or a move that he makes and then we are treated to the rant.

Phil made is at far as the quarterfinals and after a marathon match of about 6 hours, manage to get all the money in with the best of it only to fall to a 2 outer on the river. It was 99-66 and when the 6 hit, Hellmuth was tossed to the rail by the eventual winner, Benjamin LaBlond.

Defending champion Huck Seed had a target on his head from the moment he sat down and never even made it out of the first round of players. All in all, 93 people showed up for the event, not a World Series turnout by any comparison, but the field was filled with landmines. With his $100,000 now safely in hand, it is an easy assumption that LaBlond will now be headed to Vegas for fame and glory.

There is only one more major event to get through before the WSOP starts at the end of the month and then it is time to dig in for 2 months of poker insanity. The WSOP has added a few events and has also added an anniversary event that should be filled with every big name in the poker world. Dig in folks, poker is about to get real serious!


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